ZOLL AED 3 Device Registration

Thank you for selecting the ZOLL AED 3® as your automated external defibrillator. Fill out the registration form to register your ZOLL AED 3 and extend your warranty from six to eight years at no cost (serial number is required). 

PlusTrac AED Program Management

In the ZOLL AED 3 documentation folder, you also received information on PlusTrac®.

PlusTrac features:
• Tracks the readiness of your ZOLL AED 3
• Sends automated alerts, notifications, emails, and regular reports
• Assists with policy and procedure development
• Offers virtual site assessments
• Identifies facility-specific response plans
• Provides medical authorization and AED medical direction
• Tracks the training status of your responders
• Provides post-event support, including agency notification
• Provides 24/7 AED program support
• Enables your ZOLL AED 3 to regularly report self-test results to PlusTrac via your local WiFi network

For more information on PlusTrac, please visit: www.plustrac.com.

Customers outside of the United States and Canada, please visit: www.plustrac2.com.

CaseReview for the ZOLL AED 3

Set up your ZOLL Online account to get started with RescueNet® CaseReview. This next-generation tool simplifies clinical event reporting and quality metric analysis.

Product Documentation

For the latest ZOLL AED 3 product documentation, please visit: www.zoll.com/medical-products/product-manuals.


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